TYS Winter Swimming

Date: February 15, 2018

TYS tenants’ committees’ advisory board invites all adventurous TYS tenants to test ice swimming (swimming in a hole in the ice) with us on Thursday 15.2.2018 at 17:00 to Ispoinen beach (also called Uittamo beach). Swimming suit is compulsory since the sauna we use will be unisex. The sauna and the common room are reserved for us from 17 to 23. Sauna will be ready to use at 17:30. Refreshments, chips and sausages (also for vegans) will be served. Those who want may also bring their own food.

The event is free of charge for TYS tenants. All are welcome to swim with us! Come and experience an exotic northern winter activity with us!

Further information on the nature of the activity and the location can be found at http://www.turunavantouimarit.fi/. Please note that there will be no transportation provided by us. You can use for example the busses 13 and 99 to get there.

N.B.! The event is non-alcoholic!

Pre-register at: https://goo.gl/Di2jU4

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2061349897473209/

If we won’t reach 50 pre-registered people a week prior to the event, the event will have to be cancelled. In case of changes, we will contact you with email.