PSA: You Can Withdraw Cash from Kylänvalinta

There is no ATM in the Student Village anymore. The nearest ATMs are located next to the pharmacy at Nummenmäki, at the corner of Hämeenkatu and Kiinanmyllynkatu next to K-Extra store, and near Siwa store at Verkatehtaankatu. This means that you’d have to walk for a while to reach an ATM. Considering this you might think you’ll have hard time getting cash in the Student Village, but you’d be wrong.

You can withdraw cash at Kylänvalinta store when you make an purchase with your credit or debit card. When you are about to pay your groceries, tell the cashier that you would also like to withdraw some money. They’ll add a sum of your choice to your total, and give you the cash.

This has worked for us with different kinds of debit and credit cards, so go try it out!

Tenants’ Committee’s Website Renewed

Tenants’ Committee’s website has been renewed. We hope that the new websites are easier to use and update than the earlier one made with a html generator. On top of the new appearance we have a new calendar for tenants’ committee’s events. We have also added Swedish translation.

Because the website was only recently opened, here may be some functional failures. We ask you to report them in our Facebook group (that we wish all the tenants if Student Village West will join anyway) or via email to address tys.yklansi([at])

Welcome to Tenants’ Committee of Turku Student Village West’s website. Tenants’ Committee represents housing location’s tenant matters to TYS. Tenants’ Committee decides independently of the use of its yearly allowance accordingly the instructions given. Tenants’ Committee organizes joint events according tenants’ interest. Unless otherwise specified, all the events are free for the tenants of Student Village west. You are welcome to our next meeting.

Student Village West includes houses 1-14. If you are looking for the site of tenants’ committee of Student Village East, click here.