Reserving Kerhis

For tenants of TYS it is possible to reserve the club room for private events. If you need more info, or want to reserve the room, you can send a mail to the address: kerhisvastaava([at]) We read the emails usually twice a week, so you may have to wait for a response for a day or three. When you send email, please tell us already in the title the date you ask for. You can also tell in your email other dates that are good, and if your first wish can not be fulfilled we’ll choose the one that is highest on your list.

The most important rules of reserving

  • Only a tenant on TYS can make a reservation.
  • You can reserve the club room at maximum one month before the day to be reserved. The recommended time is 4-2 weeks before the day.
  • The Club Room must be cleaned after use. The Room must be cleaned by 12 AM the next day.
  • You may begin using the club room at 15 PM at earliest unless otherwise agreed. The events must end at the latest at 11 PM. After 11 PM you are not allowed to stay at Kerhis for any other purpose but cleaning. Notice that the person reserving the club room is responsible for all nuisance they and their quests cause.
  • Lessee will get the key against a deposit of 50 €.
  • When the club room is cleaned and the lessee hands over the key, the deposit will be given back.
  • In the case of losing the key, the lessee is obliged to pay the charges cost by changing the locks.

When is Kerhis available?

Even if Kerhis would be free within a week of today, we do not book it with so little notice. We at the tenants committee do all the work for the committee voluntarily and receive no compensation for our work, so it is reasonable to give the people in charge of Kerhis to have time to sort out their schedules. We hope you to understand that we need at least seven days of notice. There are commercial service providers that are available at a shorter notice.

Please note, that the calendar might not give a realistic picture about the availability of Kerhis. Before your message there might have been other inquiries about the same day or perhaps some event has been forgotten to be put on the calendar.  The calendar does not tell when Kerhis is free, it is tells when it is not.