Tenants’ Meeting

Dear tenants of Student Village West,

Tenants’ meeting has to be gathered once in a calendar year. In the meeting there will be a new tenants’ committee selected, budget for next calendar year will be approved, and any concerns by the tenants will be addressed. The meeting is held at Kerhis clubroom at Yo-kylä 8 D 4. We prefer if you’ll enter from the backyard next to the big parking lot (we’ll put up a sign), but you can enter from front door too. Come and have some soda and pizza. Agenda can be read here. Welcome!

(We’ll take vegans and porkles diets into account by default. If you have other diets, please tell us at tys.yklansi([at])gmail.com.)

Time and place: Wednesday 10.10.2018 19:00 at Kerhis, Yo-kylä 8 D 4

If you think you could attend one meeting regarding Student Village West this year, attend this one.

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Tenants Committee

Tenants' Committee represents housing location’s tenant matters to TYS. Tenants' Committee decides independently of the use of its yearly allowance accordingly the instructions given. Tenants' Committee organizes joint events according tenants’ interest.